Compassionate Care For Your Loved One with Dementia

Memory Care

Our controlled-access dementia neighborhood at The Village is a loving environment that supports residents with memory impairment.

We know it can be painful to see your loved one struggling with dementia. 

Settle your loved one here with confidence that their physical, emotional and cognitive needs are fully taken care of.

Enjoy peace of mind watching your loved one become a valued member of our vibrant and happy community.
My dad was in Beth Sholom's Alzheimer's unit for 2 years. They were awesome. Now my father-in-law is in the rehab facility and seems to be doing well.
Anita Matson Monroe
“It was a good placement for my dad, based on the five facilities that I looked at. My dad has been taken care of. He's doing pretty well and improving. The staff contact me regularly and update me on his status and his progress, so there’s good communication. The facility is very nice, clean, well-maintained, and well-organized. My dad has a room to himself, a full shower, and all the amenities in his bedroom. He has a lift that allows him to get out of bed and into a wheelchair so he can move around the facility. He has a TV and telephone. They have a single or double occupancy. They have a barbershop, a laundry room, and a dining facility plus a physical therapy unit where they can do physical therapy. They have a general area where they can go, meet, and talk to other folks.”
My Mom has been a patient there for only 3 months, but has received OUTSTANDING care! All of our questions were answered in terms that anyone could understand, and they don't make you feel like your questions are silly or unwarranted.
Sharon Scholebo Doane

Quality of Care, Quality of Life

Upscale Accommodations
Comfortable private rooms, pleasant communal areas and tranquil grounds are an ideal setting for your loved one.
Delicious Meals
Your loved one can choose from our varied menu, with 3 gourmet meals daily, plus snacks.
Meals can be adapted to specific dietary requirements.
Individual Attention
Experienced, caring staff get to know each resident personally. Exercises, games and crafts are tailored to each individual’s ability.
Controlled Access
Memory Care is a smaller, closed unit. Indoor and outdoor areas are secured so that residents are safe at all times.
Stimulating Activities
A full program of social, physical and motivational activities fills every day with laughter, companionship and purpose.
Outdoor Areas
A beautifully landscaped garden and patio give your loved one the freedom to enjoy the fresh air and scenic views, without compromising on their safety.